Consumer Insight Immersions

The time spent on location in Soweto was well worth it. The drive to and from Soweto was anything but dull, all the stories about the people and cultures shone a bit more light into our South Africa. Andy has displayed a character who is professional, strong willed, creative and someone who has a passion for the job that he does. We appreciated his level of professionalism, his execution of the brief deliverables exceeded our expectations. His knowledge, insights and willingness to share information really assisted with the research that had to be performed and proved invaluable. Andy's expertise will definitely be considered on future projects.

Symrise - F&N

Team Building

Andy has a special gift to illustrate and navigate one's mind, heart, and passion for a country full of color and flavor, unlike anywhere else in the world.  Being able to speak multiple languages and connect with the locals, allows our guests a glimpse into this Rainbow Nation.   Andy is not a guide, but rather an ambassador for his people and country, and after spending a day with him, our travelers take with them a new love and admiration for the place many of us already call home.

Brennan & Steve Rimer -Co-Founders of Journeys Unforgettable USA

Team Building

Hi there Andy Once again - thank you for yesterday - I came to work to quickly do a few things - and to my surprise I could kind of feel a different attitude in the office.

Elzabe de Jager (General Manager) - Courtyard Hotel Sandton

Year End Functions

Hi Andy, It was the best party we have ever had, thank you.  Your Driver was awesome, Tebogo was absolutely amazing and the entire day was just stunning. Thank you for an amazing event. I will most certainly refer you to other people.

Luis Nery (General Manager: Sales) - Imbewu Business Technologies

Year End Functions

Teachers from Leeuwenhof, a private school based in Bedfordview, went on the Soweto experience we will never forget for our year en.  There is one phrase to describe what we experienced on that day, “a culture shock”!  What an amazing experience we had with Andy and his team.  A well organized, on time and perfect planning from their side.  This day was a real eye opener – a true educational-and culture experience and I would recommend it to everyone!  Thank you to Andy and his team who made it all possible!

Tania van Rooyen –Leeuwenhof School

Year End Functions

Taking our team to Soweto, was truly an eye-opening and inspiring experience. It was a unique blend of team-building, as well as a sense of community, while also giving something back. Andy was an awesome facilitator, who has a very good understanding of the communities that he took us to.

Gareth Pickering, CEO, The Birthday Suit

I Experienced Soweto

Having grown up and lived in both the township and the rural areas, you would think that going to such areas years later would be just getting back to your normal life. However, when I went on the Andy's style Soweto experience, my eyes we once again opened to the very humble and diverse beginnings I once experienced. It opened my eyes to the importance of our culture and how relevant it still is. The traditional healers market experience quite an eye opener.

It is amazing to see how our modern medication which we pay loads of money is based on these traditional plants and herbs in just a different format. I also got to experience how making a difference in someone's life really means and at times it is not necessarily about financial donation but by devoting your time and having that personal touch with someone.

The crèche we visited really touched me and in as much as I donate a percentage of my salary every month, what Nokhaya does every day for those kids will stick with them for the rest of their lives. The taxi rank experience was spoilt by our beloved metro cops doing the job but I was looking forward to it.

There was also a fun part to the day, a braai township style and the bungy jumping on the towers was a great closure to a day of learning, experience and fun. The funny thing about the day is that I have been to Soweto many times for fun and township experience before but that day I EXPERIENCED SOWETO.

Dumisa Sihawu - Deloitte & Touche

Profound knowledge of South African culture!

Andy was a great tour guide – He was very approachable and had profound knowledge of South African history. We visited the Soweto market where we were sent on a hunt to purchase traditional African foods and herbs. Then we went on to Hector Peitersen museum, thereafter visited the Mandela House. The experience was unforgettable, being at the sites and hearing the different stories allows one to understand and feel how real the situation was. I truly recommend this tour to all South Africans and other visitors from abroad.

Avi Mishan - University of Johannesburg

Very Interactive & Inspiring!

We spent a very memorable day in Soweto guided by the one and only Andy!

It was a great experience, (not like anything else), very, very interesting and inspiring.

Andy guided us through different parts of Soweto (and he seemed to know everybody there) like terrible slum, fantastic marketplaces including a one of a kind medicine-market.

One of the highlights was a dinner on a primitive side-walk restaurant serving the best meat I ever had! I´d love to do this tour many times again, if I could.

Ingemar Berg - Mette Cosmetique AB, Helsingbiorg - Sweden

CNN Africa market place

This is what it’s all about!! Great video …  Andy mentioned in the CNN video was our Immersion Leader and Co-ordinator. Now this is what understanding your market is really what it’s all about!

Andy thanks for sharing!
Lisa Matthewson (Snr Brand Manager) - THE UNLIMITED.

Consumer Insight Immersions

“An eye-opening opportunity to interact first hand with our consumers. We were better able to understand how purchasing is initiated. More importantly, we were able to understand the lives of our consumers and this to me was the most important part. Not because we ultimately want to sell a product, but because we care enough to want to understand the lives of those who inhabit our amazing country. Andy’s insight was absolutely priceless and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”  

Naureen Khamisa - Tradekings  Sales and Marketing  

Consumer Insight Immersions

Just a quick note to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for an incredibly successful and enjoyable day. I think it is safe to say that it was an eye-opener and a truly memorable experience.

Candy Weir (Client Services Manager)
The Creative Counsel

Consumer Insight Immersions

 Thank you so much to TCC and Andy for showing us around, it was definitely an eye-opening experience, and I look forward to working through the opportunities with our team.

Tanya van den Berg- Energizer

Awesome Bachelor Party!

An amazing experience on an extremely well organized and informative jol. The atmosphere was great, the drinks were plenty and the vibe was completely relaxed. An awesome time was had by all!!

Brad - Bachelor Party

A fun and humbling experience!

Our day spent with Andy Coetzee must rank as one of the best in my professional career, many of my preconceived ideas about township life were completely blown out of the water. This is an experience that every suburban South African should take time to do.

Ashamedly, the majority of my staff and I have never been into the heart of a large urban township. Our Johannesburg office consists of a culturally diverse group and the day with Andy took us as a group right out of our comfort zone. We got an opportunity to mix with many different township dwellers , eat their food and share their conversation. It was both a fun and humbling experience. We were humbled by the warmth of all the people we met and encouraged by all we saw. We left better informed about South Africa’s true spirit and goodwill. I left lifted as I have been at other times in my life, such as the 1994 elections and the 1995 world cup.

To the other leaders out there intent on making a difference in our country, get out and go and see, let Andy give you his insights and lead you on an experience you will never forget.

Andrew Crickmay, MD - Crickmay and Associates

What an incredible experience!!!

What an incredible experience!!! We had a very diverse group of people, who were not a team and don't work together on a daily basis. This to us was going to be a day of fun and a reward for hard work. It turned out to be all that and more. From muti shopping to food shopping to learning new languages and understanding a culture that is part of this country was all included in the day. Our eyes were opened to the kind hearted people who are part of our rainbow nation and who we often don't remember.  

Thank you for being so accommodating to all our various needs, requirements and goals for the day. But also for showing us what is in our own back yard that we don't know about. This is an experience that I can recommend for anyone and for any reason. It will impact your life more than you realise but also provide great entertainment, laughs, bonding and an unforgettable day!  

Bronwyn Millar - Deloitte & Touche

Great experience!

Dear Andy. Thank you again for a great experience!

Anasja Gouws - National Talent Team – Deloitte & Touche

An eye-opening and inspiring experience

Taking our team to Soweto, was truly an eye-opening and inspiring experience. It was a unique blend of team-building, as well as a sense of community, while also giving something back. Andy was an awesome facilitator, who has a very good understanding of the communities that he took us to.

Gareth Pickering (CEO) -The Birthday Suit