Soweto Style Experience is your access to the rich diversity of South Africa.

SSE under the leadership of Andy Coetzee, offers both individuals and companies with an insight, understanding and a celebration of the vibrant and sometimes, mysterious cultures and lifestyles which are such an integral part of our unique nation.

As the bridge between rural traditionalism and the westernised commercial world, Andy provides unique and exclusive access to diverse markets, people and communities, affording unparalleled insights for you, his fellow explorers.

Join Andy on a cultural journey from learning to understand your consumer and transforming your workforce, to enjoying the diversity of Soweto with our fun bachelor parties, cultural team building events and year-end parties!

Your Guide, Andy Coetzee, cultural explorer and experiential facilitator.

Andy grew up in the diverse regions of rural South Africa and has an in-depth understanding of the traditions and customs of his fellow Africans.  Over the years, Andy has participated in a wide variety of indigenous cultural rituals and lifestyles, spending time with the Khoi san, experiencing Zulu rites of passage; and participating in Xhosa ceremonies to name a few.