Cultural explorer and experiential facilitator

Soweto is a microcosm of the entire country. Amongst its suburbs and shack-lands you will experience big business and back-yard entrepreneurs, colleges and crèches, the wealthy, woeful and wonderful. Soweto Style Experience opens up the diversity of South Africa, as epitomised by Soweto. You will find families who have lived in Soweto for generations, as well as those who moved in yesterday from far-flung rural villages. There are immigrants, investors, gangsters, students; all adding to the colourful, throbbing beat that is Soweto. This is the heart of South Africa.

Your guide on this journey of discovery is Andy Coetzee, cultural explorer and experiential facilitator. Through Soweto Style Experience he provides the opportunity for you to meet the friendly residents of Soweto and to open your hearts and minds to the people and places of South Africa.

Andy grew up in the diverse regions of rural South Africa and has an in-depth understanding of the traditions and customs of his fellow Africans. Over the years, Andy has participated in a wide variety of indigenous cultural rituals and lifestyles, spending time with the Khoi san, experiencing Zulu rites of passage; and participating in Xhosa ceremonies to name a few. His role as a documentary film presenter has enabled him to explore some of the most intimate of cultural ceremonies. His migration to the city, with his knowledge of African languages and understanding of the people; widened his circle of friends to include urban residents and he is greeted with affection in both the rural areas and the big cities. He and his friends from many backgrounds and cultures will lead you to the warm heart of Africa.

As the bridge between rural traditionalism and the westernised commercial world, Andy provides unique and exclusive access to diverse markets, people and communities, affording, unparalleled insights for you, his fellow explorers. This bridge extends to true reconciliation and transformation, following Andy’s own personal journey from his rural upbringing, to officer in 1 Parachute Battalion, into township life and business. Andy stands comfortably with his feet in dual worlds, offering you the unique opportunity to connect to the exuberant world of Soweto.

San Andy with bushmen Andy talking to clients

Andy enjoying locals company Andy hosteldancingAndy talking to clients

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